About Self-Publishing


Self-publishing is by no means a new concept. There are many examples of authors who decided to go it alone and who have been outstandingly successful. Marcel Proust did it, as did James Joyce . Beatrix Potter wrote, illustrated and financed the publication of ‘The Adventures of Peter Rabbit ‘– which was a big hit - before going on to develop a long relationship with John Murray publishers. Other famous titles include Grisham’s ‘A Time to Kill, ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ by Robert James Waller and the revelation of Richard Nelson Bolles life-changing ‘What Color is Your Parachute?’ which has sold over 7 million copies!

Self-publishing becomes an easier option by the day. Authors can no longer sit and dream about a publisher doing everything for them in return for a small share of the profits. They are discovering that the publishing world looks very different to 10 years ago: famous names have disappeared, those remaining are even more selective about the authors they want to sign up and will only look at submissions through agents – if you can persuade one to take you on, that is!

But key developments in technology, such as digital printing and the internet, have encouraged a fast-increasing number of authors to consider investing in themselves by choosing to self-publish.

Bowker recently reported that self-publishing is growing at a staggering rate in the U.S. and the number of websites offering authors assistance in producing their books does seem to bear this out. The UK, as always, is not far behind the US in perceiving the many advantages to taking control of your own book.

Self Publishing

“I have gained an enormous amount of confidence. So much so that I am now engaged in two major writing projects for a children's TV series and for a publisher in the definitive Book Guide market. I can certainly trace the progress I have made in the past year to the advice, help and support I received from you. ” Bernie F