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Press release: “Successful self-publishing”


By popular request, this 2-hour workshop was presented on the 22nd March by publishing consultant Zoe Meyer at the CREATIVE COLLECTIVE GALLERY in Ashford's Park Mall. Eight participants from Ashford and surrounding villages came to learn about giving their self-published books the professional look essential for future sales.

Layout, design, ISBN's and marketing were among the themes discussed animatedly during the evening. Break-out groups ensured that everyone got to know each other better and exchanged ideas and experience. There was also a focus on skills they need to develop and so become better known by their reader audience. Everyone left feeling better equipped to tackle self-publishing their own written work, whether short stories, YA literature, travel tales, poetry or the longer novel.

It was decided that the 8 participants would form a ‘book-producing group’ with a view to putting up a joint website where they could showcase and make videos of readings from work in progress.

To book a workshop or discuss self-publishing contact Zoe Meyer.

Recently published:

The Price of Silence, written and self published by Roger Conlon with help from Zoesbooks The Price of Silence,
by Roger Conlon

Roger Conlon was especially delighted with the artwork of his fictionalised autobiography set in Edinburgh.
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Nice Nev Noumenons Volume I, self-published by Neville Langley with the help of Zoesbooks Nice Nev Noumenons Volume II, self-published by Neville Langley with the help of Zoesbooks
Nice Nev Noumenons Volumes I and II, by Neville Langley

Concealed behind these enigmatic titles is a vibrantly decorated Artistís Journal created by Neville Langley, describing his life and travels. Zoesbooks enabled Neville to reproduce his journal in book form to give out to friends.
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The Co-op Legacy, self-published by The Co-operative Group with a little help from Zoesbooks The Co-op Legacy,
by Ed Glinert

We were approached by The Cooperative Group to produce a book commissioned to mark a historic event in the life the company. They wanted advice on the look of the books: see how Zoesbooks rose to the occasion.
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