Icki Iqbal set Zoesbooks a very tight deadline for delivering finished copies, as he wanted them for launching at an annual cricket dinner early November. Despite the fact that his text needed quite a few corrections on his part at a late stage we still managed to comfortably meet his deadline.

Icki was delighted with the final result and says: “The typsetting, design-work and presentation were first class. Nobody would think that this was a self-published book.” He went on: “A friend of a friend, a cricket nut, liked my book immensely and wanted to write one himself and gave me a call on advice re self-publishing. I gave him your name and number.” What better compliment can there be than that?

Amanda Helm did wonderful things with the design. She vastly improved the quality of some yellowed cuttings from the 1950s and designed a delightful image for the title page, see the imaginative stump picture on the right.

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