Sylvia Rhys-Thomas approached us in March 2011 through a friend with a delightful family project. She had really got stuck into family history and written a book which had to be ready in time for the wedding of a very special niece in Vancouver that summer. An interesting deadline!

Although a little book, it turned out to be quite complex and Amanda Helm needed to do a lot of work on the photos to make the look good. Sylvia shuttles between Milan and London which made communications a challenge but we managed and she was delighted with the final result.

This book was for private circulation only and we sent the one hardback copy by courier to Vancouver and the ten paperbacks to London. Sylvia was missing some information but she had to keep the project a secret from her niece. But now the secret is out there is talk of extending the book using more information and extra photos. Maybe there'll be a new edition in 2012.

On the big day, the niece was bowled over by this wonderful surprise.

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