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Nice Nev Noumenons, Volumes I and II:

Neville Langley wanted to give away copies of his vibrant, hand-drawn Artist's Journals: Zoesbooks helped him produce them as books.
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The Co-op Legacy:

The Cooperative Group needed help producing a book commissioned to commemorate a landmark event in the life of the company. Zoesbooks presented them with a range of designs.
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The Tebbit Test

A self-confessed cricket nut wanted his book ready for an important cricketing dinner: how Zoesbooks was able to help.
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Coleman, Female

How a harrowing story of adoption, reunion and betrayal took three years and ended in resounding and unequivocal success.
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The Thomas and Eschle Families: A History

A family history book that wowed a bride and groom.
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Budd Books

How an archive of mosaic slides made it to book form and sold 400 copies before it was even published.
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